Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Blessing, etc

Samuel was blessed by his dad on Sunday, June 12th. 
Noah, Cody and Kristina’s boy that is 7 weeks older than Sam, was blessed the same day.  Afterwards we had a party at my parent’s house.
Grandpa John holding Samuel John.  I think it was perfect to name Sam after my dad as they look a lot alike!
Our first set of family pictures as a family of four.  There was more than one photographer which really made the photo shoot more difficult.
How cute is this?  Lucy is so much like Dillon it is unbelievable!
Grandma Terri was tired after having two grandbabies blessed then throwing the after-party.  :)
We didn’t pull out the camera until after everyone was gone.  We missed getting pictures with any of the Andersons, either set of my grandparents, Uncle Dave (who’s birthday Sam shares) and Aunt Kari, or any of the rest of the party.  :(  We were so blessed to have so much support!
Sam just turned one month old.  Here are some pics from the last month.
SAM_1575SAM_1581 SAM_1586
Lucy is a great big sister, better than I could have hoped!  She hasn’t showed any jealousy or issues adapting to having a baby in the house.  She is awesome!
This night we were getting ready for bed and after less than one story both kids were fast asleep.  So cute!
Dillon and Lucy made this house for Lucy and she loves it!  ( is awesome, especially when you first sign up). 
One day Lucy was a little grumpy so Dillon said he was going to wrap her up like he did when she was little, and she fell fast asleep!
Dillon went on the Father’s and Son’s outing with my dad’s ward.  The trailer became quite the man cave with both of my grandpas, my dad, Uncle Dave, Ty, Blake, and Dillon.  They camped at Indian Springs and had a great time.
 SAM_1601  SAM_1606 SAM_1614           
I love this picture of my handsome husband!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An End and a Beginning

As you may already know, our blog disappeared.  I have slacked getting it going again, but we have had some major life changes and I decided it was time.  First of all, on May 7, 2011 Dillon graduated with his Bachelors Degree.  YAHOO!!


I am so proud of him!!


It was great because Jordan and Nicole (Dillon’s brother and his wife) also graduated the same day.  In fact, they were all in a row.  It was awesome!


Our family of three at the graduation.  It was only a family of three for six more days until Samuel John Anderson was born on May 13th.


It was a very long day in the hospital.  My water broke at 1:30 in the morning (Friday morning) and we had to go in to the hospital so I could get antibiotics but I wasn’t having any contractions.  Finally at 8:00am they started me on Pitocin to get the labor going. . . then at 4:30pm it actually started and it started HARD AND FAST!


Samuel was born at 7:25 that night.


A very happy big sister holding her little brother for the first time.


Grandparents Anderson (some how I didn’t get pics of any of the Oborns)


My midwife and the nurse kept commenting on his big feet.  Then, when they did his footprint he stretched out all of his toes, it was hilarious!


Getting weighed and measured, not very happy about it though.


Father and Son.


Dillon decorated the front steps so the neighborhood knew the baby had come and that we were home.




About 3 days old.


Lucy loves to talk to Sam.  This is a common occurrence to have her this close to his face.


Mom and Lucy giving Sam his first bath. . .


which he did not enjoy. . .


but he fell right to sleep afterward.


Just chatting


Wild hair day!


All dressed for his first day of church at 9 days old.  So many people commented about his dark skin and cute clothes.


Mittens were a must the first few weeks so he wouldn’t scratch himself.


He immediately tries to roll to his side when I put him to bed.  Nothing is more peaceful than a sleeping baby!

All in all, we’ve had some major changes.  It was an end of one life(school!) and a beginning of another all in the same week!