Monday, March 19, 2012

The Only Constant is Change!

It has taken forever to get caught up and post pictures because something new is constantly happening.  The biggest change is that we sold our house at 862 Jessie Ave!


It was exciting and sad at the same time.  We lived there for just over 4 years and it was the only home both of our children knew.  We knew it was what was supposed to happen, as it was the very day that we first met with a builder to build a new house that we got the offer.  So, we are now living in my parent’s basement (thank Heaven for supportive family!) while we build a new house on Hawthorne Rd (.9 of a mile north of my parents) in Chubbuck. 


We had so much help throughout the moving process.  In these pictures, Dillon’s mom had come to help pack and watch the kids and she was multi-tasking.  Smile  The kids sat in this box for probably at least an hour.


Alyona took these adorable pictures of Sam at 9 months:

DSC_9722 copy_edited-1DSC_9731 copy_edited-1DSC_9767 copy_edited-1

DSC_9789 cop5y_edited-1DSC_9713 copy_edited-1DSC_9745 7copy_edited-1

Sam’s 9 month check-up was right before we moved. He was 18lbs 12oz which puts him all the way up to the 21st percentile. He started in the 75th range and went all the way down to the 15%, so we were happy he was on his way back up. He was 28 3/4 inches long which puts him at the 67%.

downsize (7)SAM_2281SAM_2279

Sam is a pretty good sleeper.  He goes in stages, but we will occasionally get a night that he sleeps all night.  Usually he gets up once a night to eat and goes back to bed. 

SAM_2285SAM_2291downsize (8)downsize (4)

Helping unload the dishwasher and cleaning the church bathroom

DSC_0629 copy_edited-1

He has 5 teeth now at 10 months.  He first got his two middle bottom teeth at 8 months then the top two side teeth came in.  Everyone calls them his vampire teeth.  If you look closely in this picture Alyona took, you can see one of his vampire teeth.  The top middle are starting to come in which will help balance them out! 

He is getting more mobile.  He has been scooting around for a while, whether it be on his belly or on his bottom.  He gets himself into some tough places once in a while.  He has just started crawling at 9 1/2 months.  Here is a video of his funny little army crawl:


DSC_0606 copy

DSC_9876 copy_edited-1DSC_9890 copy7_6edited-1 copyDSC_9911 copyDSC_9980 copy 26_edited-1DSC_9829DSC_9916 copy_ed88ited-1DSC_99571 copy_edited-1

More adorable pictures from Alyona.  Lucy is 3 1/2 in these pictures.

Lucy's drawing of Sam Jan '12

This is kinda hard to see, but it is a picture Lucy drew of Sam.  I helped with the S, as she had not yet practiced that letter, but she did the rest unaided.


Lucy loves make-up, make-believe, and most of all, technology.  She has her own laptop, one that we upgraded from, and she can run it completely by herself.  She can get on and find games, watch movies, and type.


Lucy and Sam are the best of friends.  They light up when they see each other.  Lucy is always a great helper.


Both of my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the bath!



A few Christmas Pictures

Christmas 2012 - We had a great time over Christmas and New Year’s spending time with family.  Getting presents was fun, too, of course, but mostly we loved spending time with everyone. 

downsize (2)

Sam loved opening presents!!  We opened as a family on Christmas Eve morning before we went to join the Dye family party and sleep at my parents for Christmas Eve night.  downsize

Lucy got this new toy she calls her “text messenger”, she absolutely loves it, although she might enjoy the car toy Sam got just as much as the toys she got.  She also got a guitar, which she had been asking for FOREVER.  It is so fun to see them get something they really want!!



Lucy loved playing with these Christmas decorations.  She called the snow woman “Mrs. Potts”, as in the teapot lady in Beauty and the Beast.  It was so funny.  They were never where they were supposed to be, she played with them like they were her best friends in the world.  It was sad to put them away for the year.

downsize (1)Lucy’s Grandma Anderson made this adorable skirt as well as another that Lucy has loved wearing.  She always wants to wear a dress so that she can look like a princess. 


1212111546downsize (3)

Sam has been such a happy baby!!  He loves being up on his Daddy’s shoulders and especially rubbing his belly on his dad’s head.  It is pretty funny.  In this picture you can tell how much Sam was moving because he is a blur!

Unfortunately, we did not take many pictures.  Lucy threw up the entire night before Christmas and into Christmas morning.  Dillon then started the day after Christmas. 

We had a great birthday party for Dillon/ New Year’s Eve party where we blew up the tree, as is customary in our family. Smile 


Dillon’s “birthday cake” for the big 3 – 0!


Here is a video of the actual explosion:

Our New Year’s Celebration, 2012

We were able to get pics of Sam with his cousins closest in age on both sides of the family; with Lacey and with Hunter and Jaxson.

IMG955376Sam and Twins Jan '12

We also had the opportunity to get family pictures done with the Oborn family while everyone was in town.

Oborn_3Oborn_7Oborn_33Oborn_17Oborn_21 (Large)


We also got Anderson family pictures but, unfortunately, I do not have digital copies.  Sad smile  They turned out great though!