Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moving, Digging, and Walking


It is amazing how much has changed in the two months since my last post!  Most prominent was that our house was finished and we moved in. 
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Ok, yes, these are pretty old pictures, but I was getting pictures off my phone and I really liked them.  The one is Tyrel and Dillon starting the roof.  I thought it looked like they were angels.
This was the last few days.  There was SO much going on all at the same time and they were finally siding.  It was fun to see it get finished.  Dillon was gone on High Adventure for the finish, but I was able to watch it happen.
I only got one picture of moving as Lucy was sick that day so I mostly stayed at my parent’s house and let everyone else do the work.
downsize (20)
Though we haven’t finished decorating, here are a few pictures so you can see what the almost final product looks like.
Living room/Kitchen:
Master bed and bath:
SAM_3192SAM_3101SAM_3194(Needs a bedroom set!) SAM_3195
Kids bath:  SAM_3196
Downstairs family room/computer area
Unfinished area (We have a gun room, storage room, bathroom, and two bedrooms that are yet to be finished and cleaned for that matter):


Just after we moved in we started our sprinkler system.  Cliff and Kay spent many hours working out there with us to get it all in, plus they provided the material.  It was invaluable to us!!  I was too busy working to get many pictures, but there were a few couldn’t – miss moments.  During the weekdays I would go out with the kids and pick rocks for a few hours.  We were ALWAYS dirty. 
The award for the biggest rock gotten out without heavy equipment goes to this thing my mom and I pulled up one day.  My mom said I deserved an honorary engineering degree for figuring out how to pry this baby out of the ground and get it into the wheelbarrow.  I said she deserves to win a woman body-builder competition. 
downsize (18)
This pic takes the cake, or mud pie.  We were testing the sprinklers and the kids found a mud puddle.  Not hard to do in a half acre of mud.  Sam literally DUNKED his head in the puddle.  SO FUUNY, until it came time to hose them off so they could go in my brand new house!  Smile
downsize (15)
Here is the final product 10 days post-hydroseeding.  We are so excited about that little bit of green fuzz!!


That was the moving and digging update.  Also exciting in the Anderson family is that Samuel decided to walk.  I say decided because he could walk for a while but would only do it if he was trying to carry something.  However, one night I watched my neighbor’s kids (we LOVE our neighbors!) and their youngest is about a month older than Sam and walking like a champ.  Sam followed him around that night and never went back to crawling!  It was about time, he was 15 1/2 months old!!
Here are a “few” others from the last 2 months:
downsize (16)downsize (17)downsize (19)downsize (21)downsize (22)
These are from a cool exhibit at the library.  Lucy was a bit nervous:
downsize (23)downsize (24)downsize (25)downsize (26)SAM_3120downsize (28)downsize (30)
Sam learned to climb up and down stairs the week before we moved in!  He learned to crawl, do stairs, and he took his first steps while we lived at my parents’ house.
downsize (27)
While Dillon was on high adventure we went camping with my parents:
Some super cute cupcakes Lucy and I made at a Mother-Daughter night:
Our ward did a ward party with horse rides!
Dillon went hunting:
Dillon, Lucy, and I went to Beauty and the Beast at the Mystique Theater.  Dillon was sick through the entire thing, Lucy was half-asleep by the end, and I loved it.  Smile
Reading a book under the table.  Sam was happy, this was his “cheese” face.
Last year for my birthday (which is coming up real soon. . . ) Grandpa and Grandma Dye gave me fabric.  I made this quilt for Lucy but hadn’t finished it when we moved.  Finally, my mom, Dillon, and I finished quilting it before we moved again so Lucy has it on her bed.  It is definitely one of my greatest accomplishments.  I cut and pieced it all together and it turned out pretty well, if you don’t look too close.  Lucy LOVED it when I finished it and it looks so cute in her room!
We have been so blessed through the house building process.  We have yet to find a way to thank those that were so instrumental in it’s success, particularly our parents.  We love love love love our home and everyday talk about how much we love it.
Even more than loving our house, we love our children.  We are beyond blessed there as well.  They are a delight everyday and I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them.