Thursday, May 31, 2012

One year older and wiser too. . .

Warning:  This post may win the “longest post ever” contest!

I expected to have tons of free time after moving into my parent’s house, but somehow time seems to be going faster than ever!  I can’t believe my baby Samuel turned one year old on May 13th! 

DSC_95572 copy

He is such a happy boy.  He is very curious and a bit stubborn.  He is a great sleeper but a terrible eater.  He crawls great and pulls himself up some, but is not yet interested in walking.  At his one year doctor appointment he was 20lbs 3 oz which is the 11th percentile and 29 3/4 inches which is the 42nd percentile.  He is small for his age, but they are no longer worried about his growth rate, which is nice.

DSC_9561 copy_edited-1DSC_9649 copyDSC_9661DSC_9728

The above pictures are all courtesy of Alyona.  She is a FANTASTIC photographer and I am so lucky to have her taking pics of my cute kids!


We had two separate parties, one Saturday night with the Andersons and another on Sunday with the Oborns as not everyone could make it at the same time.  I love how Hunter is looking right at the camera in the second pic.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures on Sunday, which was also Mother’s Day.


Sam’s balloon birthday cakes.  He started off eating his cake slowly and kept referring to me as he got messier. . .


and messier!


The balloons got loose and ended up HIGH in the neighbor’s tree.  Uncle Tyrel came to the rescue and got them down so that we could have the photo op with Alyona.


He received so many fun presents.  His favorite definitely was the chocolate bar from Jordan, Nicole, Hunter, and Jaxson!


The day before Sam’s birthday he got a haircut.  He’d had several trims before this point, but this was an all-out style change.







This is such a silly picture, but he looks so proud of himself, it cracked me up!

downsize (11)

He fell asleep in the baby backpack that I used when I would go on a walk when I would babysit Hunter and Jaxson.

downsize (13)

He LOVED his first sucker and rhubarb!



When we went to the doctor’s appointment for the kid’s check-up Sam threw up all over me and him while we were in the waiting room.  They gave us this gown to put on him.


Lucy has been in Miss Jana’s class for Preschool this year (All Star Preschool, which is highly recommended!).  They have had so much fun and she has learned so much!

downsize (14)

This is from her end of the year party they had for their class.  They sang some songs and showed off a little.  It was so fun to see her in that environment!

They took a field trip to the zoo, which was fun.



We were following these geese down the pathway and the chicks got on the other side of the fence from their parents. One chick couldn’t make it up a ravine it ended up in so one of the preschool parents climbed down and got it.  It made our very boring zoo a bit more exciting.


She loves to ride her bike and Grandma bought a scooter that she loves to ride as well.

At her last doctor’s appointment, which was at Sam’s one year check up, she was 42 lbs which put her at 92% and 41 1/2 inches tall which is the 90%.  She loves to write, and can write her name, the letters of the alphabet, Sam, Mom, and Dad.  She can sound out simple words, but needs guidance.  It won’t be long though and she’ll be reading!

downsize (12)

Lucy and Samuel are so fun together.  They love playing with each other.  Lucy is a great big sister.  She helps with Sam all the time.  Here she is helping feed him, but was feeding herself at the same time too, HILARIOUS!

A little of everything

A few pictures from Easter:


We had a ward Easter egg hunt and right before it started we stopped for a quick pic (the top right) and it ended up making it so Lucy got ONE egg. Kids were taking them right out of her hand. A dad heard us so he gave us one of his kid’s eggs. Lucy was happy though.


Every Easter the Alameda Stake puts on “Walk With Christ” and Dillon and I played Mary and Joseph.


Check out Alyona’s shoes. Smile


Millie started collecting the eggs before the rest of us got out there, it was so funny, she was softly nibble until it would pop open, then she made a pile of candy.

Memorial Weekend:

This year was a little different camping over Memorial weekend. It was still rainy and cold, but we went to a new spot (Graves Creek Camp Ground) that is about 3 miles down river, and much less stressful to get in and out of. We were also missing lots of people, even my dad was only there for about 26 hours.

Although Jordin’s face doesn’t say it, this was one of the highlights of the trip. Tena was helping Jordin dry her sweatshirt in Tena’s trailer and it caught on fire. They got it out, but not before there was a huge hole in the back. So, we finished the job.


Lucy had a blast playing with her cousins. Tena brought up a power wheel car and Kannon had a four wheeler that both were a hit!



Blake got a new haircut for the weekend and he combed it about 45 times the first day and many more throughout the weekend. Luckily it is gone already. Smile

We did have some sun and, in fact, some of us even got a little sun burnt, which was a great addition to the trip!


The empty lot:


The dig:


Footing/foundation/basement walls:


We put in the window wells and while Dillon and I were working we left Sam on the blanket with Lucy to watch him. Soon enough she was up the dirt pile with him close behind.


We have lots and lots and LOTS of rocks!



Notice how in the above two pics Sam is looking opposite directions. Smile






We are still roofing, but will hopefully finish in the next few days, as now they are waiting on us to get it done so they can start insulation. Plumbing and electrical are all basically in. We are still out probably 2 months, but it is starting to look like a house!!! We are SOOO EXCTIED!! I went and bought all our kitchen appliances today and can’t wait to have them in my own house. That said, we are so grateful to be living in my parent’s house. They are very supportive and patient and we are forever in their debt!