Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to my awesome wife.  She is a great mother, and my best friend.  I am so blessed to have her as my eternal companion.  I love you!

Friday, October 7, 2011


First of all, note that this is my third post today, so to see the others you have to click "older posts" at the bottom of this page.  There is just too much for me to tell in such a short space!  :)

The last week of September the kids and I took a trip to visit Jessie’s family in Milwaukee.  It was SO fun.  There are only two things that could have made it better: 1) if my wonderful husband was there and 2) if it would have gotten above 50 degrees the entire time we were there, or at least stopped raining for a full day.
SAM_1944SAM_1979Here are the three musketeers.  They were so good together!  They played, played, and played.  They also made HUGE messes constantly.  It would have been great if the weather was better so we could have them play outside, but, they had fun anyway.  I think these two pics are of the only times they were sitting still!
SAM_1946 This what happens to Jessie after eating two full pumpkin rolls.  Smile  Really, this is what happens if you leave your camera sitting out at Jessie’s house. 
Kevin and Julia’s preschool teacher let Lucy come along for the week, which was so fun.
SAM_1951 Sam and Lacey really had some bonding time, as they were toted every where.
They were the lucky ones that got to go with Jessie and I to the Brewer’s game.  It was just the four of us, Jessie, Lacey, Sam, and me.  We got several comments with the two of us toting our two babies to a Major League baseball game.  We had AWESOME seats and didn’t get beat up (which is a rare thing lately, especially since Sam was wearing Chicago Bears colors, a big No-No at a Brewers game!). 
SAM_1952SAM_1953SAM_1955SAM_1957SAM_1959SAM_1961SAM_1963 Yes, we are both nursing at the game!  Smile
This playpen really got used and abused during the week.  No, we did not make all three kids sleep in it, they just LOVED to play in it.  Every time I went to put Sam in bed I had to pull out tons of toys. 

SAM_1968Of course I love all three of Jessie’s kids, but Julia and I have a special bond.  I would have brought her home if I could!
SAM_1971 Jessie was the maid, cook, etc. 
SAM_1973 If you want hilarity, watch two three year olds boxing on the Wii.  So FUNNY!
SAM_1975 Sam was snuggling with her so tight, his face was smashed. 
Although all three kids played together very well, Lucy and Kevin have a special connection.  They are at the same stage in their playing, which really helped.
SAM_1980 Jessie had a bit of a spider problem.  Those in my family will know that I do not like spiders and had an “incident” while vacuuming like this.  I found out, Jessie is no braver than I!!
We went to the zoo in the rain, it was great because there were very few people there!
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. We couldn’t decide which kid needed which at the time.
This was a hilarious night.  I don’t know that Jessie knew this was going on.  Poor Lacey probably doesn’t have any head bands that fit her anymore, but I was laughing so hard that I let it go on.  Kevin started the whole thing by wanting to put them on Lucy, and it progressed from there.
SAM_1999 SAM_2002SAM_2006SAM_2008SAM_2009SAM_2012SAM_2014SAM_2015
Julia and Sam connected for some reason.  She was so sweet to him.  When I came out and saw them she said “I am massaging his hand”.  So cute!  Look at his face, he is smiling at her!
Lacey loved to stick out her tongue.  If her tongue was not sticking out, she was spitting up.  She is a beautiful baby with adorable hair!  She was a very good baby the entire time!
We took the kids to get their pictures taken together in outfits that my mom bought for the kids.  We hope to one day get all the grandkids at the same time, but this time it will happen in shifts.  We went to JCPenny Portraits, and I cannot recommend them enough!  They were awesome and very well priced.
Group with singlesSam 2Lucy 2Group 4
It was a great trip, but it went by much too fast.  We are so excited for Christmas to come we can all get together again, and have our other siblings join in as well.