Sunday, August 14, 2011

There and Back Again



We’ve had a very busy past few months.  The week after Dillon graduated we had Samuel (see earlier posts) and two weeks after that we went camping to the Blackfoot River for Memorial Weekend. 

SAM_1469Unfortunately it started off a bit rough with a broken back window on the shell of our truck.  Luckily, that was the worst of the damage done this year.  We did actually have some sunshine, though we also had the usual rain, rain, rain, and more rain.


We bought a tent trailer last fall knowing that we would be camping with a newborn.  Oh, it was beyond wonderful!  It was so nice to have a heater and a bed up off the ground, especially for the middle of the night feedings with Sam.



Lucy really played hard.  She was watched by the whole group and really had a chance to bond with her daddy as I was busy with Sam most of the time.  She was exhausted every night!



Getting out on Monday was stressful, as usual.  We had periods of no rain, and then downpour, so we left in a hurry and left the big rigs down in the hole to retrieve later.  I was very stressed to be taking my two kids up the hill without car seats as we took our one opportunity to get our truck and trailer out and then rode up in the Suburban.  It was very stressful for a mom with a two week old baby.  Needless to say, it all went fine in the long run.  Although it probably took a few years off of my life.  The muddy suburban is the proof of the stressful ride up the hill. 


The best part is, we will be back again next year and wouldn’t miss it.

A few weeks after Memorial Weekend we had the baby blessing, which is documented earlier.  Then, I started a project for Dillon’s Father’s Day gift.  I decided to remodel our laundry room/ downstairs shower.  Yes, we have a shower in our laundry room.  The room was half finished, so my mom and I finished sheet rocking it and I mud and taped it then sanded. 

SAM_1656  I didn’t get a before and after picture of the laundry room (it is just getting the final touches this week – trim, etc) but I did get a pic or me in the middle of my sanding job.  I was very proud to show Dillon all the work my Mom and I had completed, and he enjoyed it, although he wasn’t surprised.  It is hard to keep secrets with a 2, almost 3 year old in the house!


Lucy is constantly going.  You never know what she will say or do, it is NEVER boring at our house!  One day she was playing with the curtain and twisting in it and it twisted up in her hair.  I thought it was hilarious and made her stay stuck until I found the camera and could take a picture (in my defense I had told her to stop pulling on it several times).


Although we didn’t plant a garden this year (Sam was born during the one good weather week we had in the spring) we did have an AMAZING crop of strawberries from our strawberry patch.  Lucy loved to help take care of and pick the strawberries.  It was so fun!

Dillon also took the time to build us a new desktop computer.  He took some pictures of it.  None of this means anything to me, but I know he loves it, which makes me love it.  My favorite part is that we shouldn’t have to change it for a while.  Smile  (We have had several rebuilds and computer changes in our married life, literally upwards of 20 or more!)


Sam at 2 months.  He is a happy, healthy, growing boy.  At his two month check up he was 12 lbs 14 oz and 24 inches, which puts him at about 65% for his weight and 75% for his height. 


Sam definitely resembles the Oborn family and he thinks he might want to be a thumb sucker (like a true Oborn).


On July 21st Lucy turned 3 years old.  She is growing up so fast!  We had a birthday party in our backyard.  She loved it and was spoiled beyond belief.


Notice Grayson helping blow out the candles!  Too cute!SAM_1712

She got a bike and a backpack with sunglasses from her different sets of Grandparents. She loves them!!  Although, I must admit her favorite gifts came from Jordan and Nicole and Grandpa and Grandma Dye.  They gave her quarters.  Yes, my three year old LOVES money, particularly quarters.  She has counted them and counted them, moved them from purse to purse to pocket and back to purse a hundred times or more.  Quarters can be found all over our house as they are definitely her favorite play item! 


She is getting so big!  She took swimming lessons over this summer, loves being a big sister, loves going to story time at the library and jumping on her tramp that she got for her birthday as well.


SAM_1785  She can run games and Netflix on the computer all by herself.

SAM_1794  She used to actually fit in this chair!

SAM_1812  She told me the flowers “smell like honey”.

SAM_1807 She likes to do “tricks” whether on the tramp, the swings, or anything, she likes to show you her tricks.

There is no true explanation for this picture, besides this is just how hilarious she is.  I saw her sporting the boots with no clothes, then she asked me to help her find some gloves.  Before we knew it this is what she was wearing.  This was just a few minutes before I started this post so I decided to take a picture and she struck this pose.  Note Dillon laughing in the background.  Smile


Oh, what would I do without my little Lucy?  She is so fun!


A few days after Lucy’s birthday we went to the 24th of July celebration, I did the grocery shopping for Girl’s Camp (I did the food for the Stake leaders) and we threw a Bridal Shower for Alyona, all on the same day. 


The next week I went to camp and came home a day early to help prepare for Tyrel and Alyona’s wedding reception.  I wish I had more pictures, but here are at least a few.

To start off, we have JD sporting his Ukrainian tie.  He was the comic relief for the moment.  Smile


The Sisters-In-Law in our matching attire.


At the temple:


Although it was a very stressful week with all that was going on, it all turned out WONDERFUL and we had a great time.

Sam is now three months old.  He is happy, healthy, and growing like crazy.  SAM_1762SAM_1766SAM_1777 He can follow things really well visually, which includes the camera even when I don’t want him to.


He is undecided whether he is a thumb sucker or a binky-boy.  Here he is actually holding the binky and sucking his thumb at the same time!


SAM_1793 He can really blow bubbles!

I sure love my Little Man!


We also attended the Anderson family reunion this summer.  It was great fun, so much so that we didn’t take any pictures.  Well, except Dillon spent almost the entire time at his parents’ house throwing up.  We went on without him though (sorry hun!).  We did get Anderson family pictures taken, but that CD is currently unaccounted for.  Hopefully soon I will post those. 

Also this summer Dillon was put in as the Elder’s Quorum President and I was put in as the Young Women’s President.  Thank heaven’s the Lord blesses us to be able to do what He needs us to, otherwise it might be difficult to get it all done!

All in all, it has been a busy summer.  It has been wonderful and crazy at the same time.  Our kids keep us going constantly, but we wouldn’t change it for the world!