Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall with the Andersons

It seems I can’t keep up with time.  I am constantly behind!  I am a putter-er.  I am realizing this more and more as I have been a stay-at-home mom.  Dillon will come home and will ask what we did during the day and I don’t very often have a good answer.  We did. . . stuff.  I am trying to make our days more memorable by doing SOMETHING besides just stuff.  We’ll see how it goes.  Here is is and update and some of the pictures captured while doing stuff. 

Dillon went hunting with my dad and brothers and here are some of the great pictures he took.  I was really wanting to go camping as I didn’t get my fill this summer, and these pictures make me wish that I could have gone!!


Dillon also held a shot-gun shooting activity with the Elder’s Quorum.  My dad and Blake also joined in.  It was a good thing, too, otherwise Dillon wouldn’t have had anyone to throw the pigeons!  We’ll just say, it was less than a stellar turnout!


We were able to go to Aiden’s baptism in October.  It was great to be there for that and for Lucy to be able to play with Annie and Aiden.  They have SO MUCH FUN together!  We didn’t take many pictures, but as you can see, Lucy and Annie had a great time dressing up.  Lucy also had a great time with Aiden, we just didn’t get any pictures with him. 


We celebrated my birthday, and of course, Halloween.  You should definitely watch my birthday movie from my wonderful husband if you haven’t.  It was the best gift anyone could ever ask for!  For some reason I am not finding the Halloween pictures. . . in fact I don’t remember taking any, but Sam was the cutest cow that could ever be, Lucy was an adorable fairy princess, I was a hair dresser, and Dillon was a hockey player.  It was great fun!


Sam had his half birthday.  He is now 7 months, but he turned 6 months in November, so he was able to start solid foods.  He loves it!!  And, hopefully, it will bulk him up a bit.  At his 6 month appointment he was 16lbs 13oz which puts him at the 28%, a significant decrease in st5anding for him.  He was 26.5 inches which is the 42%.  Previously he was up in the 70% for height and started out huge, so they are a bit concerned about his growth.  It is funny because everyone that sees him talks about how big he looks.  I guess looks can be deceiving!  Smile  We are trying to give him extra calories buy supplementing his food with formula.  Some days it is hard to believe a little baby can eat SO MUCH!!  Hopefully we will get him back on track before he goes in again so additional measures don’t have to be taken (I have no idea what they would be, that is just what the Dr said).

SAM_2046SAM_2118SAM_2123Lucy loves to help with Sam!!


The most exciting event that we had around these parts was on a very windy day.  To start at the beginning, I taught Lucy how to use my phone and on this particular day she called Dillon by herself while I was making lunch.  She asked if he was going to come home for lunch, something that he had only done a few times ever.  Since he wasn’t too busy, he decided to come.  Well, as I was to soon find out, that was all orchestrated by Heavenly Father as I looked out our window right as I was putting lunch on and our tramp started to lift off the ground.  I told Lucy to watch Sam and send Dillon to the backyard as soon as he got there.  By the time I got out there the wind slowed so the tramp sat back down.  I went inside and Dillon laughed at me saying “there is no way it could blow over that fence”.  Sure enough, not two minutes later I watched the entire tramp lift up and over our 8 foot fence.  The worst part is behind our house is the interstate.  Yes, we have a huge tramp blowing towards I-15.  I yelled to Dillon “You have to go stop it!!!”  I am so glad he was home.  What would I have done to stop a tramp from blowing onto the interstate?  I thought about it and I think I would have called my mom, that is my usual response.  Smile  I maybe would have called 911 to have them stop the traffic so no one hit my tramp going 65mph.  I really don’t know what would have happened!  Luckily, Dillon just went and held it down while I brought him supplies to stake it down until we could get assistance to carry it back over the fence, which is what we did.  Dillon took off the top surround thing and Jordan and Dillon walked it up the fence and then handed it down to me on the other side while my mom came to be with the kids.  Oh man, thank heavens for my little girl who called her daddy to come home for lunch!


This Thanksgiving we also participated in the Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot.  It was a 5k that ran around the city of Paul.  It was great!  I did a little training, meaning I ran about a total of 5k spread over 2 weeks before the day of the race. Smile  It was my goal to run the entire way, and I DID IT!!  I think my time was 36:41, although I don’t remember for sure.  Jordan, Dillon, and Nicole were all just a few seconds to a minute behind me. 

SAM_2170SAM_2168SAM_2174SAM_2176In the throng, there were around 750 runners!!!!!  I didn’t expect near this size of crowd, as the population of Paul is only in the 1,000 range.


Nicole and me in the groove, about .5 mile in.

SAM_2187SAM_2185After we survived the race.

Then, we came back to a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with Dillon’s family.  It was delightful, as always! 

SAM_2191SAM_2192SAM_2193SAM_2194SAM_2195A little after-Thanksgiving fun with Grandpa.

We went to get Christmas trees, to Jordin’s Tavaci concert and Blake’s choir concert which helped us get in the Christmas spirit. We also held a delightful dinner for Dillon’s presidency, where I cooked my first, and the finest ever, Prime Rib.  It was, I must say, the best thing I have ever made!  We are so excited for Christmas this year and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!


Be sure to watch the decorating of our beautiful Christmas tree on the movie that Dillon posted previous to this post!!