Thursday, January 24, 2013

I’ll be home for Christmas

This was the first year that we’ve stayed home for Christmas since we’ve been married.  My faraway siblings didn’t come for Christmas, we weren’t in school at all, and I got my shopping done early so it was a very calm season as compared to previous years.  Cliff and Kay stayed the night Christmas Eve to Christmas morning at our house, which was fun.  We had a Christmas Eve dinner at our house (made by Nicole) and then we had Danish Pancakes Christmas morning.  Dillon was called in to work about 9am Christmas morning, which was a bummer, so it was extra nice to have company here with us. 

We started the season with the Light Parade.  They asked everyone to wear Santa hats, so we joined in. 


Grandma Terri gave the kids a Little People Nativity.  She gave it to them early so we could have it up before Christmas and the kids LOVED playing with it!


We, as usual, cut down our Christmas tree.  This year we intentionally got a big one.  It was 11 1/2 feet tall!  We loved it!  It wasn’t the easiest to decorate though. . . Dillon had to stand on the top of the ladder to be able to reach.  It was great fun!


This is a really funny progression of pictures with Hunter and Sam:  Discussing the box, in the box, wanting out of the box.  Smile


After Dillon went to work, Grandpa Anderson and Uncle Jordan set to putting together Sam’s Christmas present.  This tiger, which was one of Lucy’s first Christmas presents from Jordan and Nicole, went back to their house as a gift for Hunter and Jaxson, then came back to live with us on Christmas Eve. 


This was a “vroom” year for Sam.  He got lots of cars/trucks and LOVES every one of them.  Lucy is showing off her yo-yo skills, which was her gift from Sam.


All in all it was a very Merry Christmas.  And here’s to many more!

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